Seeking to expand enrollments and revenues?

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Your Partner to Increase Enrollments & Revenue

Seeking to expand enrollments and revenues?
Need to diversify and expand your education offerings?
Don’t know how to compete in the changing higher education market?

Powered by America's Community Colleges

Our Approach

We recognize that not all community colleges have the tools to immediately take advantage of the unique Unmudl platform. Unmudl is the solution for bringing together community colleges and employers to create equitable and sustainable solutions for working learners. The Unmudl Marketplace Solutions team is dedicated to making it easier for community colleges to connect with employers and increase their enrollments and revenues.

Our solutions are crafted to address the unique needs of community colleges. The Unmudl Marketplace Solutions approach:

Establish and facilitate a team-based approach consisting of employer subject matter experts (SMEs), Unmudl instructional designers, and college SMEs
Develop a deep understanding of employer and industry needs, including training requirements, expectations of the final course product, and criteria for success
Work hand-in-hand with Unmudl partners to implement innovations that have immediate impact
Provide marketing, technical development, and implementation support

Our Services 

The Unmudl Marketplace Solutions team helps community colleges:

Identify unmet skills gaps to be addressed by short-term community college courses
Manage the relationship between employer/industry partners and Unmudl partner colleges to build cost-effective training solutions 
Design curricula that draws from the vast resource base of our college partners
Deploy custom courses through the workforce marketplace using place-based, hybrid, and online modalities
Market courses to working learners

Build on the base of initial custom courses to ensure training is aligned and integrated with:

  • Industry certifications
  • Academic pathways and credentials, within and among Unmudl partner colleges
  • Employer pipeline development, talent acquisition, DE&I, L&D, and tuition benefit program

Our Clients

Our clients are large-scale (Fortune 500) employers, industry associations, government agencies, workforce/talent development coalitions, membership organizations, and community colleges that are seeking to address skills/talent gaps through short-term community college training.

Our Solutions

Custom courses that can be deployed throughout the Unmudl talent-sourcing network...

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Courses built by a single community college to meet a specific employer training need...

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Portals that serve as a tool for engaging learners and the employers seeking to hire talent...

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Offers a collaborative environment where colleges can freely challenge traditional norms to build the working...

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College Partner Plans

Unmudl is powered by innovative Community Colleges to provide a skills-to-jobs marketplace.

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